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Our Mission

Allegan Enrichment Center (AEC) is committed to providing high quality programs and effective services for consumers with chronic mental illness and/or developmental disabilities. We are committed to continuously improving the quality of life for our consumers by creatively and progressively responding to their personalized needs in a dignified and respectful manner.

Our Objective

AEC prides itself in giving its consumers excellent service by keeping a high quality of standards.  We are constantly evaluating ourselves through the Continuous Improvement Plan, Quality Improvement Team, the Consumer Council Group, and the facility suggestion box.  Staff training, evaluations and development are done on a continuous basis. Our consumer’s health, care and welfare are our top priorities as we continue to find ways to improve their quality of life.

Each consumer that comes to the program works with our staff and his/her case manager to develop a person centered individualized plan of service that addresses his/her unique strengths and needs, to move him/her through a continuum of care.  This is accomplished by providing a comprehensive range of programs based on each consumer’s individual needs with a one-to-three staff to consumer ratio. AEC specializes in level 4 type “A”, high recidivism consumers.

AEC promotes normalization and integration into society.  This is done through a token economy system and community living services.  These programs build a foundation of time management, earning, budgeting, spending, socialization and independence.  These programs are evaluated and implemented on an individual basis, taking into account the consumer’s current ability and his/her work toward increasing skills and independence.

Allegan Enrichment Center (AEC) embraces the philosophy of Gentle Teaching and specializes in providing services for the difficult consumer with chronic mental illness, and the higher functioning dual diagnosed (MI/DD).  AEC offers a full continuum of residential services.  

As consumers become more proficient with the token economy system and community living programs, they may progress to outside employment and community based adult education courses.  Community employment and educational access are achieved through community living programs and unique internal educational opportunities, leading to external services and competitive employment as individual progression is accomplished. 

In keeping with the normalization concept, AEC places high priority on community integration.  AEC offers a wide variety of community outings and activities for its consumers. All consumers are encouraged to participate in all activities.  It is the desire of AEC to provide the least restrictive environment possible that will maximize the social and psychological growth of the consumers during their stay at our facility. The goal is for the consumers to become as self-sufficient (independent) as possible.

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